6 Key Factors When You Sell a Business

Key Factors to Sell a Business

Selling a business is a complex and stressful event that plays itself out over many months. Understanding the process and having a clear understanding of the process objectives is an important element to reduce the strain on the business owner.

Here are the 6 elements important to every transaction:

  1. Confidential Marketing of Your Business for Sale.  Confidentiality is important to Sell a Business and Sunbelt has a clear process to control information.
  2. Maximize Number of Buyers  Building interest among multiple buyers generates higher prices and better deal structures, while maintaining the confidentiality requirements.
  3. Maximize Selling Price using our negotiating expertise and market knowledge. Realizing full value is effected by negotiating skills, market knowledge and access to a broad buyer market,
  4. Maximize Cash at Closing you receive which means eliminating or minimizing seller financing. Optimum purchase price is a combination of purchase price, taxes and when the cash is received.
  5. Minimize Tax Burden by putting together a deal structure that will make you and your CPA happy. Taxes can be a significant factor in the overall value realized from a business sale.
  6. Minimize Post-Closing Risks by clearly defining what a Buyer buys and what a Seller sells. Utilize Sunbelt skill and experience to minimize the risks inherent when you sell a business.

There are numerous important sub-categories  but they all relate back to one of the above 6 pillars of a good transaction. Never underestimate experience and technical knowledge required for a high quality transaction.  Put the Sunbelt experience in closing over 500 business transaction to work for you.

Here is why you should choose Sunbelt to manage the business sale process.