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A Practical Guide to Seller Financing

Selling a business is one thing, getting paid on the sale is another.  The options available for financing the deal are dependent on the business and the buyer. Here are some things to be aware of if you find yourself with a chance to sell your business. Seller Financing:  The good, the bad and the […]

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Sunbelt Completes Sale of Medical Products Companies

We are pleased to announce the sale of two related companies. One is a 40 year old manufacturer of medical lotions, the other is a research company focused on medical lotions and compounds. The products are manufactured in an FDA regulated facility in Houston, Texas. The company is in it’s 3rd generation of family management […]

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Where can I find information about buying a business in a specific industry?

As we all know the web has a lot of information but often it is hard to sort through the mass to get to the finer topics. Every Friday, on internet radio, there is a 1 hour broadcast that deals with buying a business in a specific industry. This week’s show (1pm cst, noon eastern) […]

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Thinking about buying a business? Here’s a way to figure what is possible

If you want to own your own small business there are really only two ways to get into business. You can start a business from scratch, often called a start-up. Or you can buy an existing business from a business owner who is ready to sell their business. There is much written about starting a […]

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SBA Loans have new underwriting policy

A few days ago the SBA came out with a new lending policy to be used when buying a business. Business brokers are very excited about this change since it will facilitate more financing for small business purchases. About 15 months ago the SBA made a draconian change in their underwriting that eliminated business acquisition […]

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When buying a small business – Allocation of Purchase price is important!

Allocation of Purchase Price is done for tax purposes when buying the assets of a small business. The allocation is important because it effects how the person buying a business and the person selling a business will be taxed and what deductions are possible. Always do the allocation of purchase price before closing the transaction, […]

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Due Diligence for Buying a Business – Part 3

Assuming you’ve read Part 1 and Part 2 here we go with Part 3. Sales Tax and Due Diligence in a small business purchase: Make sure the seller provides you with the Sales Tax Reports for at least 3 years. Double check those with the reports filed with the state. It is pretty unusual for […]

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Buying A Business: The Business Plan as a Guidebook

I am always amazed at what little effort goes into a business plan when business buyers are looking at a business. The buyer will spend more time trying to figure out how to make the office bigger than they will trying to build a business plan the will improve the business. When considering the purchase […]

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Confidentiality in the Business Sales Process.. why it’s important to buyers, sellers and business brokers…

One of the most misunderstood aspects of selling or buying a business is the confidentiality issue.Why do owners who are selling a business want to maintain confidentiality? Why is everyone so paranoid? Here’s a short list: If employees find out the business is for sale they often assume the worst even though it’s not true […]

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Due Diligence for Buying a Business – Part 2

When working through a business broker to buy a business the due diligence process should be more efficient than when working on an acquisition without a business broker involved.In Part 1 we talked about doing due diligence for the Sales Tax issues. Now in Part 2 we’ll talk about the business income tax return issues. […]

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