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Selling a Business in the NEXT Energy Boom

Those of us who work regularly in and around the oil & gas energy industry recognize the difficulties presented by the current depressed energy prices and it’s effect on energy services, production and exploration companies. We view the world through the process of Mergers & Acquisitions as we work with business owners to sell their […]

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Top 8 Things Business Owners Do To Crush the Value of their Business

Business Value Can be Managed if the Business Owner Can Manage Themself  If you read too many business magazines you might find yourself believing that creating a valuable business is more luck than skill. Business value can be managed and if you manage the value you will become more profitable. Small business owners often confuse […]

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Caring for a Cause can be Good for your Business

Many business owners I encounter say they want to “give back” and will start doing so after they …hit it big. I’m sure many of them mean what they say and I’m equally sure that many, many of them will never get to the point where what they’ve achieved is enough to start “giving back”. […]

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Anatomy of a Successful Small Business Purchase

Although the names, location, types of businesses and other details have been changed for confidentiality purchases this Hub reflects real transactions in the world of buying and selling a business. The Buyer Susan, 45, had been employed in the corporate world for 15 years and had done well, worked hard and gotten good performance ratings. […]

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How to Use an SBA Loan in Acquisition of a Business

When looking at businesses you might want to buy you should always keep in mind how you are going to finance the purchase of the business. Most small businesses are purchased using bank lender financing in the form of a small business SBA loan. This post discusses the Small Business Administration (SBA) loans that are […]

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Business Partnerships – The good, the bad and the ugly…

In my line of work we run into business partnerships every day and we are often the ones trying to figure out how to resolve the myriad issues, problems and crisis that revolve around the small business partnership dynamics. A wise person once said famously, “Choose your business partner twice as carefully as you choose […]

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The best business planning tool?

If you plan to be in business you’d better have a Business Plan. If you plan to start a small business this tool can be the difference between success and losing everything. If you think this Business Plan tool is expensive wait til you see how expensive it is to NOT have a well thought […]

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Running a small biz is tough, but good and free advice is available!

Excellent info about employment practices for small businesses. The very best medicine is preventive medicine! Take a look at this blog article by Attorney Alan Bush about overtime perils and pitfalls. Click Here

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Uncertain Times, Reason to Act or Reason to Wait?

I am often asked “when is the best time for someone start a business?”. As you might imagine, the answer is different for everyone and even then, the answer is never 100% evident. If you wait until the risks are minimal the time might may never come, if you leap when the risks are huge […]

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What is Working Capital and why is it Important?

Many small business owners don’t understand or appreciate the need to have a good handle on working capital and how it is generated or consumed by the business. Let’s take 2 examples on opposite ends of the business spectrum. First a Day Spa. At a day spa the customer comes in, pays for the services […]

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