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New 1099 Rules effect on Small Business

    This post provided by Paul Ikard, CPA March 17, 2012  – Some of the below rules may have been modified, check with your CPA before taking any action. Businesses and not-for-profit organizations are accustomed to IRS rules that require them to report certain payments on annual Form 1099 information returns. However, the recently enacted healthcare law […]

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The Bush tax cuts debate and the real small business story

It’s hard to avoid the politicians ranting either for or against the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Like many issues in life, for every complex problem there is a simple solution that is absolutely wrong. Those opposed to the extension often try to separate the issue of “who” gets the extension. The theory is […]

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5 Reason to get a business appraisal

There are many good reasons to get a business appraisal valuation on your business. Here’s a list: So you can keep track of what business value you are building not just what income you are generating. So you would know if someone made you an offer to buy your business that you should take. Don’t […]

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Is the small business owner world upside down?

This post falls under the category of “what the heck is going on”! The following is from a small business consultant who talks to small business owners several times a week and has done so for about 10 years. Their name is being with held for obvious reasons. They say, many of the following are […]

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Don’t Let the Doom and Gloom in the Media Distract You!

If you are a small business owner the “psychology” of the day-to-day these days can be discouraging. Don’t let the doom & gloom specialists get you down. Here are a few things to keep in mind that might help you get your mojo back: If your business is down don’t be lulled into thinking that […]

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What is an “S” Corporation?

An S Corporation is a form of business classified for federal income tax purposes as a corporation that has elected to be taxed as a pass-through entity, in a manner similar to a partnership or sole proprietor.  Unlike a regular corporation, or a C corporation, an S corporation (both names derive from sections of the […]

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Document My Systems?…..Which Systems?

Recently I wrote a post about how businesses should document their systems to improve their profits and value. I received some feedback that went something like this.. “Which systems, there are a million systems in my business!” Well, you’re correct. Even a small business has many different systems. How you answer the phone, how to […]

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Why are sytems for your small business so valuable?

Documented business system are far more important than most small business owners believe. I believe that the reason too many small businesses stay small is because they don’t have systems. When I meet with small business owners and this topic comes up the conversation inevitably sounds like this: Me, “Do you have your systems documented […]

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Increase your small business profits without spending a dime……

I see and analyze hundreds of businesses every year. What I have found is small business owners (generally businesses with less than $3,000,000 in sales) have a consistent weakness that costs them dearly. The Problem……. A terrible lack of effort and intelligence in determining the correct pricing of their product or services. In my practice […]

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Special Small Business Administration program for loans under $35,000

Take a look at an SBA ARC loan if you want/need a small loan. Very favorable terms and good flexibility read here 

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