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Investigate these 7 Points When Buying a Business

Buying a business can be a great move but it takes a lot of due diligence investigation. Due diligence is often thought of as “finding the bad stuff” but it is also important so that you understand what it will take to operate the business after you own it. OJT (on the job training) is […]

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Diversify Your Business

4 Ways to Eliminate Customer Concentration and Build Confidence with Prospective Buyers It’s value suicide. A company with more than 15 percent of its revenue with one customer is at high risk of having the rug pulled out from under them. As the owner of such company, it’s going to add difficulty when it comes […]

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SBA Announces New Measures to Help Get Small Business Loans Into the Hands of Veterans

Release Date:  Friday, November 8, 2013 Release Number: 13-53 Contact: Dennis E. Byrne (202) 205-6567 Internet Address: WASHINGTON – The U.S Small Business Administration (SBA) today announced new measures to help get small business loans into the hands of veterans by setting the borrower upfront fee to zero for all veteran loans authorized under the […]

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Best Basic Accounting Book for Small Business Owners and Buyers

I found this basic accounting guide and it’s the best I’ve seen at presenting basic small business accounting in an easy to follow manner. This book is under 100 pages and under $10…if you’re a small business owner this could be the best $10 you ever spent.   Accounting Made Simple – Understanding Accounting Principles […]

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Want to Know How a Business Appraiser Looks at Small Business Value?

Factors that Increase or Decrease Business Value By: George D. Abraham CEO & Chief Appraiser Business Evaluation Systems There’s a range of key factors that can affect the value of a business.  While some of these factors are outside of the owner’s control, steps can be taken to make the business as valuable as possible. Start planning […]

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Do you know yourself? Do you know your clients? What Kind of business owner are you?

I had a chance to meet with John Warrillow recently. He’s the author of an excellent new book that talks about business owners and how they think. It’s titled Built to Sell If you have a dream of selling your business or growing your small business into a bigger business that one day can be […]

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Thinking about buying a business? Here’s a way to figure what is possible

If you want to own your own small business there are really only two ways to get into business. You can start a business from scratch, often called a start-up. Or you can buy an existing business from a business owner who is ready to sell their business. There is much written about starting a […]

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Why would someone sell me their perfectly good business?

Often small business buyers wonder about this. There is an all too frequent buyer attitude that says “If it is a good business they wouldn’t be willing to sell it to me!”Here are some reasons we see business owner want to sell: Divorce of husband and wife owners Partnership disputes Owner health issues Kids don’t […]

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M&A Due Diligence from Seller Perspective

Here’s an article that shows how M&A Due Diligence preparation can dramatically improve a seller’s position.

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Run your business like you’ll own it forever..and remember it’s always for sale..

Sounds like a contradiction right? Well it isn’t. You never know when the opportunity to sell will present itself. The best course of action is to run your small business like a a buyer will determine how much they are willing to pay you for your business tomorrow. Run it well, do the right things […]

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