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List of Common Problems We See in Small Businesses

Below is a list compiled from talking to and evaluating hundreds of small businesses. Small business opportunities to improve are often very easy and inexpensive, it just takes a little attention to detail and a commitment to improvement. Here is my list: 1. Detailed written procedures for critical or repetitive tasks. Most small business owners […]

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SBA Loans have new underwriting policy

A few days ago the SBA came out with a new lending policy to be used when buying a business. Business brokers are very excited about this change since it will facilitate more financing for small business purchases. About 15 months ago the SBA made a draconian change in their underwriting that eliminated business acquisition […]

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Confidentiality in the Business Sales Process.. why it’s important to buyers, sellers and business brokers…

One of the most misunderstood aspects of selling or buying a business is the confidentiality issue.Why do owners who are selling a business want to maintain confidentiality? Why is everyone so paranoid? Here’s a short list: If employees find out the business is for sale they often assume the worst even though it’s not true […]

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Tax Law Changes effecting Biz Sales

The new benefits offered by congress allow small businesses to reduce their tax bill which makes the business sale more appealing for the sellers.S Corporation Built-In Gains Tax Relief. For tax years beginning in 2009 and 2010, ARRA shortens, from ten to seven years, the amount of time that an S corporation that has converted […]

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Is buying a business right for you?

We often get to speak to people who are undecided about looking for a new job or, usually as a plan B, buying a business to replace the income they’ve lost when they left their previous employer. It is rare when these people have thought through the process of buying a business with clear lens. […]

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Why do some businesses sell and some just close?

Operating a business for the benefit of the business owner – today….. is different than operating a business that is building value and will one day be sold for a nice profit. Do you want to be able to sell your business when you no longer want to own it? Here’s what you need to […]

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How Profitable Can a Small Business Be?

I’m often asked this question. For some reason many people believe a business has to be really big to make a great income for the owner, it doesn’t. Here is a sample of many types of business we see everyday. Hours – 5 days a week 8am – 5pm Sales per day $2,000 (that’s $222/hour) […]

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What makes a small business VALUABLE!!!

Two things make a small business valuable: The amount of sustainable and growing profit it generates The ability for a potential buyer to see #1 Too many small business owners manage their business to “avoid” taxes when in fact what they are doing is avoiding “profits”. If General Electric kept it’s books like a many, […]

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Start a business vs buying a business

Far more businesses are started than purchased. There are a number of reasons for this, some good and some bad. And far more start ups fail (about 15 times more) than do established businesses. Often someone starts a business with very little capital and almost just as often the business fails due to lack of […]