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Want to Know How a Business Appraiser Looks at Small Business Value?

Factors that Increase or Decrease Business Value By: George D. Abraham CEO & Chief Appraiser Business Evaluation Systems There’s a range of key factors that can affect the value of a business.  While some of these factors are outside of the owner’s control, steps can be taken to make the business as valuable as possible. Start planning […]

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Ever wonder what an Accredited Investor is? And why it matters……

  Under the Securities Act of 1933, any company that sells securities must register with the SEC or file for an exemption if they so qualify.  The Act provides companies with a number of exemptions from federal registration requirements.  One of these exemptions is that the company may sell its securities to Accredited Investors.   Selling […]

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Do you know yourself? Do you know your clients? What Kind of business owner are you?

I had a chance to meet with John Warrillow recently. He’s the author of an excellent new book that talks about business owners and how they think. It’s titled Built to Sell If you have a dream of selling your business or growing your small business into a bigger business that one day can be […]

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Thinking about buying a business? Here’s a way to figure what is possible

If you want to own your own small business there are really only two ways to get into business. You can start a business from scratch, often called a start-up. Or you can buy an existing business from a business owner who is ready to sell their business. There is much written about starting a […]

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Why would someone sell me their perfectly good business?

Often small business buyers wonder about this. There is an all too frequent buyer attitude that says “If it is a good business they wouldn’t be willing to sell it to me!”Here are some reasons we see business owner want to sell: Divorce of husband and wife owners Partnership disputes Owner health issues Kids don’t […]

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Holiday Reading Ideas for a Better Business

My New Year’s resolution (well, one of them anyway!) is to provide more tools for small business owners to start or buy a business, then grow it profitably and sell it! As part of that I am kicking off the New Year with a specific book recommendation. Although I can’t say I agree with everything […]

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M&A Due Diligence from Seller Perspective

Here’s an article that shows how M&A Due Diligence preparation can dramatically improve a seller’s position.

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Ready to Buy a Business – Your 401(k) could be your best friend!

Using 401k to buy a business solves a lot of financing problems. Buying a business is a complex and, at times, frustrating exercise. The easy part is finding a business worth buying, the difficult part is jumping thru the hoops to get the business  purchase financed. Getting financing to purchase a business makes financing a […]

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What is an “S” Corporation?

An S Corporation is a form of business classified for federal income tax purposes as a corporation that has elected to be taxed as a pass-through entity, in a manner similar to a partnership or sole proprietor.  Unlike a regular corporation, or a C corporation, an S corporation (both names derive from sections of the […]

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When buying or selling a business….timing matters… a lot!

I am often asked when is the “right” time to buy or sell a business. Unfortunately the answer is complicated. When I’m asked that question my response is “as compared to when?”. Below is an example: Mary wants to buy a business and John thinks he wants to sell his small business. The Biz: In […]

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