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Starting a Small Business – What’s the most important question to ask?

Starting a business is more complicated than most people think. There are many issues to deal with and questions to ask when thinking about starting a small business. Starting a business the right way can inprove your changes for success. Should I incorporate? LLC? C Corp? S Corp? What name should I use? How do […]

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Running your business in tough economic times

There have been many, many businesses that have taken advantage of difficult times and positioned themselves for the future. Running a business in good times is almost idiot proof. It’s what you do in tough times that makes the difference between a great business and a business that you just ride along with the tide. […]

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Find a job or buy a business… a choice worth investigating.

Buying a business could help you achieve your retirement goals. Today’s economic problems have changed the future for many people who thought they had a job for life (or at least a job until they decided not to have a job). In times like these, finding a new job is not only difficult but maybe […]

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Why do some businesses sell and some just close?

Operating a business for the benefit of the business owner – today….. is different than operating a business that is building value and will one day be sold for a nice profit. Do you want to be able to sell your business when you no longer want to own it? Here’s what you need to […]

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