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So You have a Deal to Buy a Business, now what?

  Congratulations but don’t pop the champagne yet. Now is when the real work begins in your quest to buy a business. Essentially, there are 3 fundamental phases to orchestrate before your final takeover of the company. Keep in mind that each business or industry may have several variations of the progression. Here are some general […]

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IT Due Diligence when you Buy a Business

Intellectual Property Due Diligence (this includes information technology I.T.) when you buy a business is critical and often overlooked, along with the Intellectual Property element of Due Diligence. I.T. and Intellectual Property (IP) Due diligence are closely related and both are often done at the same time. This process can be very technical and often involves […]

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Anatomy of a Successful Small Business Purchase

Although the names, location, types of businesses and other details have been changed for confidentiality purchases this Hub reflects real transactions in the world of buying and selling a business. The Buyer Susan, 45, had been employed in the corporate world for 15 years and had done well, worked hard and gotten good performance ratings. […]

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Confidentiality when Buying a Business

A lot of things can go wrong when buying a business. Here’s some background on the Importance of Confidentiality. If you want to buy a business….understanding this issue can be the difference between buying a business and losing a good opportunity. Below is a 2 minute video discussing the importance of confidentiality when you buy […]

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Business Buyers 7 Deadly Sins

Buying a Business – The 7 Deadly Sins Buying a business could be the best decision for you but you need to approach the task methodically and with a clear understanding of yourself as well as the businesses you consider. Here are the mistakes many business buyers make. We call them the Business Buyer’s 7 Deadly Sins: Buyer Sin […]

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What Does Patricia Kluge Bankruptcy teach us about business ownership?

A messy business failure can always be learned from. The Patricia Kluge bankruptcy has lessons for small business owners with partners, both known partners and unknown partners. I once heard a wise man say, “Pick your business partners twice as carefully as you pick a spouse..because a spouse can only take half of what you […]

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M&A Due Diligence from Seller Perspective

Here’s an article that shows how M&A Due Diligence preparation can dramatically improve a seller’s position.

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Small Biz alert ..We’re from the Government and we’re here to help you!!

Employers should be aware that the Department of Labor is increasing its Wage and Hour Division’s enforcement efforts. The Department of Labor has stated that protection of workers’ rights is a “top priority” for the DOL. As evidence of that, DOL has added 250 additional wage-and-hour investigators. The intent is to pay prompt attention to […]

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Good Article on Corporation vs S Corporation in Sale of Business

Tax Issues, Benefits and Risks.  Click Here for Source Article.

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Due Diligence when Buying a Small Business – Part 4

In a previous post, Due Diligence Part 3, we talked about how to deal with tax returns, in Due Diligence Part 2 we talked about Sales Tax issues. Here in Part 4 we’ll talk about a background check you might considered getting when you are in the due diligence process of buying your small business. […]

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