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Using Credit Cards for your Small Business Financing

I see many, many small businesses that use the business owners’ personal credit cards to finance their business. Although this is often an easy source of cash it can be a terrible way to manage and grow your small business. Often the biggest issue we see is that the business owner doesn’t understand the relationship […]

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The best business planning tool?

If you plan to be in business you’d better have a Business Plan. If you plan to start a small business this tool can be the difference between success and losing everything. If you think this Business Plan tool is expensive wait til you see how expensive it is to NOT have a well thought […]

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Circular Money and the U.S. Tax System

Listening to a financial radio station today I heard something that caused me to say…”what?” Here’s the outline: First the Cash Source:China has gobs of U.S. dollars that they get from selling us incredible amounts of stuff.China is catching heat for owning so much U.S. Treasury debt, so they want to use the US Dollars […]

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What is Working Capital and why is it Important?

Many small business owners don’t understand or appreciate the need to have a good handle on working capital and how it is generated or consumed by the business. Let’s take 2 examples on opposite ends of the business spectrum. First a Day Spa. At a day spa the customer comes in, pays for the services […]

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New Tax Law is ready to go but…………………..

The new tax law extending current tax rates and spending a couple of hundred $$Billion$$ more is headed for the president’s desk.However, FYI – the bill does not rescind the obligation for businesses issuing 1099s that was passed in the Obama care bill. Soooo…………. unless something changes look for small businesses being burdened with many […]

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The Bush tax cuts debate and the real small business story

It’s hard to avoid the politicians ranting either for or against the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Like many issues in life, for every complex problem there is a simple solution that is absolutely wrong. Those opposed to the extension often try to separate the issue of “who” gets the extension. The theory is […]

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Guest Post on SBA Lending

Why SBA Loan Production is DownSheila Spangler, CBI, Capital Strategies, Boise, ID  There was an article recently on that said SBA loan production is down 36 percent from 2008. As business brokers, many of us have felt that pinch first hand, but have you wondered why SBA loans have waned along with the rest […]

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The Myth of….. “If I had more capital I could grow faster and be really, really profitable.”

Here’s a request we often hear from small business owners: “Can you find me an investor? If we had more capital we could grow like crazy and make a ton of money!” My next question to the business owner is “What would you do with $100,000 if someone wrote you that check today?” Wow, you […]

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Should you have your small business books audited?

For the vast majority of businesses with revenues under $2,000,000 the answer is no. Unless, you have external requirements from bonding company, shareholders, finance companies, etc. However, even if you don’t have those direct external requirements for Audited financials you should have your books at least “Reviewed” by an independent CPA. A Review is not […]

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List of Common Problems We See in Small Businesses

Below is a list compiled from talking to and evaluating hundreds of small businesses. Small business opportunities to improve are often very easy and inexpensive, it just takes a little attention to detail and a commitment to improvement. Here is my list: 1. Detailed written procedures for critical or repetitive tasks. Most small business owners […]

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