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Business Systems Create Profits and Value

We meet many business owners who are overwhelmed by the day to day fire drill they call a business and the thought of creating systems for their business is overwhelming to them. I always give the same advice:  Start Small but START NOW! You have to START…. 1 system no matter how small is better […]

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Common Characteristics of Profitable Businesses

As a Business Broker I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and analyze more than 2,000 businesses. I have come to discover that there are 6 basic characteristics that are almost always found in profitable businesses. 6 Characteristics of Profitable Businesses: The business owner has an firm grip on reality. They understand the good and […]

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20,000 days…give or take…… that’s all we have…….

Live with purpose………………….. Click here for a guide.

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The 2% Solution for Disputes among Business Partners and Partnerships

Preparation Avoids Business Partnership Problems that could Kill a Business      Many people start a business with friends, neighbors, relatives or spouses and it’s often a partnership 50/50 arrangement. Rarely is there a written business partnership agreement and this can be a big mistake. These arrangements often work well until there is a problem […]

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Interesting Article on getting farmers help

Some creative Entrepreneurs are on the case  CLICK HERE

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Running a small biz is tough, but good and free advice is available!

Excellent info about employment practices for small businesses. The very best medicine is preventive medicine! Take a look at this blog article by Attorney Alan Bush about overtime perils and pitfalls. Click Here

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Small Business – Management and Leadership Myths and Truths – Small Businesses and Good Employees

Why do so many small business owners say “I can’t get good employees?” The business owner’s assumption seems to start from the premise that good employees are either no where to be found or will only work for big companies. In my experience I find both of these assumptions to be incorrect. There are many […]

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