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Selling a Business in the NEXT Energy Boom

Those of us who work regularly in and around the oil & gas energy industry recognize the difficulties presented by the current depressed energy prices and it’s effect on energy services, production and exploration companies. We view the world through the process of Mergers & Acquisitions as we work with business owners to sell their […]

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Business Systems Create Profits and Value

We meet many business owners who are overwhelmed by the day to day fire drill they call a business and the thought of creating systems for their business is overwhelming to them. I always give the same advice:  Start Small but START NOW! You have to START…. 1 system no matter how small is better […]

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Common Characteristics of Profitable Businesses

As a Business Broker I’ve had the opportunity to meet with and analyze more than 2,000 businesses. I have come to discover that there are 6 basic characteristics that are almost always found in profitable businesses. 6 Characteristics of Profitable Businesses: The business owner has an firm grip on reality. They understand the good and […]

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So you’re in do you get out?

I was meeting with a business owner the other day and he said to me “When I started this business I never gave any thought to how I would get out of it, never crossed my mind.” His business now does over $3 million in sales and has significant value….but no where near the value […]

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Virtual Assistance | Delegating Your Social Media

Guest Post from Professional Virtual Assistant Susan Poirier  (Disclosure: I use Susan’s VA services and I am not receiving any compensation for this post.) In today’s ever competitive business climate, social media is not a passing fad or simply a source of amusement for the younger generations. It represents an essential platform as part of […]

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Run Your Family Like a Business

Here’s a Wall Street Journal article that helps tie the process of creating software with raising a family. Using Agile process principles for a family. Interesting concepts worth consideration. Run Your Family Like a Business

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The Good, the Bad and the Overlooked

What you don’t know can hurt you! What small business owners need to know about the 2013 Tax Law changes

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Top 8 Things Business Owners Do To Crush the Value of their Business

Business Value Can be Managed if the Business Owner Can Manage Themself  If you read too many business magazines you might find yourself believing that creating a valuable business is more luck than skill. Business value can be managed and if you manage the value you will become more profitable. Small business owners often confuse […]

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The 2% Solution for Disputes among Business Partners and Partnerships

Preparation Avoids Business Partnership Problems that could Kill a Business      Many people start a business with friends, neighbors, relatives or spouses and it’s often a partnership 50/50 arrangement. Rarely is there a written business partnership agreement and this can be a big mistake. These arrangements often work well until there is a problem […]

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Business Owners and the Personal Guarantee

Often when people go into business or start a small business they really don’t think through the details of what they are doing day-to-day as it relates to the long term health of the business or their personal financial health. A classic example is the Personal Guarantee. When you go into business you will need […]

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