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Top 5 things you can do in 2010 to increase the value of your small business

Big improvements often come from small changes. What could you do in 2010 to build the value of your small business? Get professional small business accounting advice and follow it! Get your books set up in a way that makes your profit/loss statement a tool to run the business not just a piece of paper. […]

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Good article on why you need to do more than cost cutting

As the saying goes……a small business can’t save it’s way into prosperity. Here’s an article on how to focus on the things that will help your small business succeed in good times and bad. CLICK HERE

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Hidden Costs of Doing Things You Shouldn’t Be Doing

Outsourcing is a much discussed topic but I rarely see it focused on the primary strategic issues facing a small business owner. What I too often see is “Outsource and save money”. This is rarely true. However, what I think the outsourcing industry should market is….”Outsourcing = spend more money and make even more money.” […]

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List of Common Problems We See in Small Businesses

Below is a list compiled from talking to and evaluating hundreds of small businesses. Small business opportunities to improve are often very easy and inexpensive, it just takes a little attention to detail and a commitment to improvement. Here is my list: 1. Detailed written procedures for critical or repetitive tasks. Most small business owners […]

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Small business earnings definitions

When looking to purchase a business you will see all kinds of terms, many of which don’t make any sense. Here’s a list of common terms and a rough idea of what they mean: Cash Flow – this is the worst definition used. It’s an attempt to convey how much money is available to a […]

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