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Business Valuation as it relates to Business Sale Price Calculation and Working Capital

General definition. Current assets – current liabilities = Net Working Capital In most cases the valuation of a business does not include the net working capital of the business at the time of the valuation. Working capital is often excluded from valuations so that business values can be compared to other similar businesses without the […]

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Selling a Business: The C Corp to S Corp Dilemma?

Selling a business set up as a C corporation can have some very painful tax consequences. The following is not legal or tax advice. Consult with your CPA and/or attorney before taking any action Is your business a C Corporation? If yes, PLEASE READ THIS! Do you want to pay 50% or more in taxes […]

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Selling a Business in the NEXT Energy Boom

Those of us who work regularly in and around the oil & gas energy industry recognize the difficulties presented by the current depressed energy prices and it’s effect on energy services, production and exploration companies. We view the world through the process of Mergers & Acquisitions as we work with business owners to sell their […]

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Top 8 Things Business Owners Do To Crush the Value of their Business

Business Value Can be Managed if the Business Owner Can Manage Themself  If you read too many business magazines you might find yourself believing that creating a valuable business is more luck than skill. Business value can be managed and if you manage the value you will become more profitable. Small business owners often confuse […]

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Confidentiality in the Sale of Small Businesses

Business sellers and buyers often look at confidentiality requirements in different ways. However, in the end, they both have the same interests. The reason to maintain confidentiality is to protect the business from the possible negative impacts of  a sale. Read more here…………

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Want to Know How a Business Appraiser Looks at Small Business Value?

Factors that Increase or Decrease Business Value By: George D. Abraham CEO & Chief Appraiser Business Evaluation Systems There’s a range of key factors that can affect the value of a business.  While some of these factors are outside of the owner’s control, steps can be taken to make the business as valuable as possible. Start planning […]

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Do you know yourself? Do you know your clients? What Kind of business owner are you?

I had a chance to meet with John Warrillow recently. He’s the author of an excellent new book that talks about business owners and how they think. It’s titled Built to Sell If you have a dream of selling your business or growing your small business into a bigger business that one day can be […]

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Why would someone sell me their perfectly good business?

Often small business buyers wonder about this. There is an all too frequent buyer attitude that says “If it is a good business they wouldn’t be willing to sell it to me!”Here are some reasons we see business owner want to sell: Divorce of husband and wife owners Partnership disputes Owner health issues Kids don’t […]

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Increase your small business profits without spending a dime……

I see and analyze hundreds of businesses every year. What I have found is small business owners (generally businesses with less than $3,000,000 in sales) have a consistent weakness that costs them dearly. The Problem……. A terrible lack of effort and intelligence in determining the correct pricing of their product or services. In my practice […]

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Is Your Small Business Worth Anything?

In my discussions with hundreds of small business owners, the conversation inevitably turns to the value of their small business. Unfortunately, and far too often, the business owner has no idea why the business has little or no value. Here’s an example (names and details changed to protect the guilty). Small business owners, Mark and […]

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