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A Practical Guide to Seller Financing

Selling a business is one thing, getting paid on the sale is another.  The options available for financing the deal are dependent on the business and the buyer. Here are some things to be aware of if you find yourself with a chance to sell your business. Seller Financing:  The good, the bad and the […]

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Best Basic Accounting Book for Small Business Owners and Buyers

I found this basic accounting guide and it’s the best I’ve seen at presenting basic small business accounting in an easy to follow manner. This book is under 100 pages and under $10…if you’re a small business owner this could be the best $10 you ever spent.   Accounting Made Simple – Understanding Accounting Principles […]

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How to Use an SBA Loan in Acquisition of a Business

When looking at businesses you might want to buy you should always keep in mind how you are going to finance the purchase of the business. Most small businesses are purchased using bank lender financing in the form of a small business SBA loan. This post discusses the Small Business Administration (SBA) loans that are […]

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Where can I find information about buying a business in a specific industry?

As we all know the web has a lot of information but often it is hard to sort through the mass to get to the finer topics. Every Friday, on internet radio, there is a 1 hour broadcast that deals with buying a business in a specific industry. This week’s show (1pm cst, noon eastern) […]

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Need an SBA Loan? Here’s a list of SBDC locations

Here’s how to find the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Development Centers nearest you. Contact one of these offices to see if your business qualifies for an SBA Loan If you want to buy a business go to Sunbelt Business Brokers to find an office near you. For articles about how to Buy a Business […]

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5 Reason to get a business appraisal

There are many good reasons to get a business appraisal valuation on your business. Here’s a list: So you can keep track of what business value you are building not just what income you are generating. So you would know if someone made you an offer to buy your business that you should take. Don’t […]

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Special Small Business Administration program for loans under $35,000

Take a look at an SBA ARC loan if you want/need a small loan. Very favorable terms and good flexibility read here 

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When buying or selling a business….timing matters… a lot!

I am often asked when is the “right” time to buy or sell a business. Unfortunately the answer is complicated. When I’m asked that question my response is “as compared to when?”. Below is an example: Mary wants to buy a business and John thinks he wants to sell his small business. The Biz: In […]

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Guest Post on SBA Lending

Why SBA Loan Production is DownSheila Spangler, CBI, Capital Strategies, Boise, ID  There was an article recently on that said SBA loan production is down 36 percent from 2008. As business brokers, many of us have felt that pinch first hand, but have you wondered why SBA loans have waned along with the rest […]

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All Small Business Owners will Leave Their Business – I Guarantee it!

The question is, will you leave your small business the smart way or leave it the dumb way? Having an exit plan for your business is smart. A formal plan will look at your options, devise efficient tax strategies and create an estate plan that eliminates any disputes that might result if you suddenly passed […]

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