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Business Library of Excellent Books

Suggested reading: Excellent Business Planning Software –>

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Run Your Family Like a Business

Here’s a Wall Street Journal article that helps tie the process of creating software with raising a family. Using Agile process principles for a family. Interesting concepts worth consideration. Run Your Family Like a Business

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Here’s the Cheapest Small Business start-up Experience You Can Buy

Here’s a great book about starting a business. A real life recount of the ups and downs and lessons learned the expensive way. This book will give you the cheapest experience you can buy. Learning from others start-up business mistakes is always better, and lest costly, than learning from your own.

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Small Business Management and Help

Every couple of years I re-read this book and every time I’m glad I did. I bet I’ve read it at least 7 times. This year I’m buying a bunch to give out to business owners that seems especially receptive to the idea of creating a great business. On a side note the Kindle price for […]

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Don’t lose your corporate shield and lose everything!

Here’s a quick read about why you need to make sure your corporation is protection for your personal assets. Understand your risks – Click Here Also, here you can get many of the legal documents needed to protect yourself and your assets

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Interesting Article on Small Business…….. Cold Hard Facts

Why do businesses fail? How many businesses are there? Where do businesses succeed? Click here for the article.

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Hmmm…Bad news for road-side businesses?…The tax man wants your customers too!

At least someone in government thinks having government employees running gas stations and C-Stores is a good idea….. I have my doubts.. Here’s a story on a politician trying to reverse a 50 year old law that prohibits the government from setting up retail businesses on the interstate highway system. Read Here..

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Uncertain Times, Reason to Act or Reason to Wait?

I am often asked “when is the best time for someone start a business?”. As you might imagine, the answer is different for everyone and even then, the answer is never 100% evident. If you wait until the risks are minimal the time might may never come, if you leap when the risks are huge […]

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Starting a Small Business – What’s the most important question to ask?

Starting a business is more complicated than most people think. There are many issues to deal with and questions to ask when thinking about starting a small business. Starting a business the right way can inprove your changes for success. Should I incorporate? LLC? C Corp? S Corp? What name should I use? How do […]

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What is CRM and does my small business need it?

Hard as it is to imagine, there was a time not terribly long ago when a sales or service person for a small business would go out into the field without a PDA or Smart Phone—or any phone at all. The reason for the current ubiquity of the communication devices in small business is obvious: […]

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