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Business Owner Year End Tax Planning

A common comment we hear from business owners who contact Sunbelt Texas about selling a business is “I didn’t know a year (or 2 or 3) ago I would be selling my business so soon.” Before you file your 2017 taxes, keep in mind that a buyer and the buyer’s lenders will look very closely […]

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Selling a Business: The C Corp to S Corp Dilemma?

Selling a business set up as a C corporation can have some very painful tax consequences. The following is not legal or tax advice. Consult with your CPA and/or attorney before taking any action Is your business a C Corporation? If yes, PLEASE READ THIS! Do you want to pay 50% or more in taxes […]

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Selling a Business in the NEXT Energy Boom

Those of us who work regularly in and around the oil & gas energy industry recognize the difficulties presented by the current depressed energy prices and it’s effect on energy services, production and exploration companies. We view the world through the process of Mergers & Acquisitions as we work with business owners to sell their […]

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The Good, the Bad and the Overlooked

What you don’t know can hurt you! What small business owners need to know about the 2013 Tax Law changes

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Circular Money and the U.S. Tax System

Listening to a financial radio station today I heard something that caused me to say…”what?” Here’s the outline: First the Cash Source:China has gobs of U.S. dollars that they get from selling us incredible amounts of stuff.China is catching heat for owning so much U.S. Treasury debt, so they want to use the US Dollars […]

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Using Tax Logic to Manage the Value of your Business

In the real world of business management ownership you can only create income in 2 basic ways. These two income methods are taxed differently by good ‘ol Uncle Sam. The first method income is “earned” income. Let’s say I’m a graphic artist and you hire me to create a logo. I design the logo and […]

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Hmmm…Bad news for road-side businesses?…The tax man wants your customers too!

At least someone in government thinks having government employees running gas stations and C-Stores is a good idea….. I have my doubts.. Here’s a story on a politician trying to reverse a 50 year old law that prohibits the government from setting up retail businesses on the interstate highway system. Read Here..

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Uh Oh… 13 million people have a surprise tax bill coming…..

Here’s an article about confusion and mis-calculation for another overly complicated Federal Tax process of the governments re-distribution of income. Might want to keep this article to show to your employees when they blame you, the employer, for the problem!  CLICK HERE

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New Tax Law is ready to go but…………………..

The new tax law extending current tax rates and spending a couple of hundred $$Billion$$ more is headed for the president’s desk.However, FYI – the bill does not rescind the obligation for businesses issuing 1099s that was passed in the Obama care bill. Soooo…………. unless something changes look for small businesses being burdened with many […]

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Small Business Taxes..the Whole Enchilada for Year-End Planning

 Guest Post by Carol Olson, CPA  – DRDA, LLC Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 includes a number of important tax provisions for businesses large and small. While a few of the provisions take effect in 2011, the majority of the provisions are effective retroactively for the 2010 […]

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