Businesses for Sale - Commercial Services

Listing No Listing Title Industry City Purchase Price Annual Revenue Cash Flow Tags
N1676-KK Air Conditioning, Heating and HVAC Business for Sale TexasFeatured Construction / Engineering Houston Region No Purchase Price Established $3,500,000 $615,000
N1673-DE Furniture Manufacturing Business for SaleFeatured Business to Business Service, Manufacturing, Unique / Misc Houston Region Not Established $3,300,000 $950,000
N1705 – KT Paper, Packaging and Maintenance Products Wholesale Distribution Business for Sale Houston Texas AreaFeatured Distribution / Wholesale Houston Region $995,000 $1,796,000 $204,995
N1725 – DW Graphic Design and Printing Business for Sale Business to Business Service Houston Region $229,000 $250,000 $80,000
N1697-DW Houston Plumbing Business for Sale Unique / Misc Houston Region $550,000 $1,000,000 $185,000
N1693-KL Registered Professional Surveying Business for Sale Business to Business Service, Construction / Engineering Houston Region $650,000 $790,300 $221,000