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Electronic Component Wholesale Business for Sale

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*Annual Cash Flow $1,785,022

Annual Revenue $17,163,887

Sunbelt Listing ID: N1877-RS

Fast growing electronic component distributor provides a high level of customer service to a broad list of original equipment manufacturers and contract equipment manufacturers. Products sourced include a variety of semiconductor devices, passive components and connector products.

Services provided span across multiple industry sectors. An experienced sales team is supported by the company’s worldwide sourcing capabilities that allow for faster product searches and the most competitive pricing. Most of the customers are US based; however, international sales and marketing could be a significant growth opportunity.

Complete the seller form or contact Ron Spolane at 713.854.3481 for further details.

State: Texas

Listing Agent: Ron Spolane

Real Estate: Not Included

City: Houston

Phone: 713-854-3481

Industry: Distribution and Wholesale, Miscellaneous,

Tagged With: Electronics,

* Cash flow is defined as net profit plus taxes, interest, depreciation, amortization, and owner's compensation. See earnings detail from Seller.

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