Austin TX

Austin TX

Profitable businesses are attractive investments for many, and sometimes business owners wish to sell their companies because it’s time to retire or for another reason. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a business, it’s a smart idea to work with experienced business brokers like the team at Sunbelt so the process goes as smoothly as possible.

What a business brokerage does

A business broker or transfer agent assists clients who are either buying or selling businesses. As Texas business brokers, some of our services include performing business evaluations, finding the right buyers for specific types of companies, interviewing prospective business buyers, negotiating between buyers and sellers, and assisting with due diligence investigations regarding businesses for sale.

Like other types of brokers, business brokers earn a commission on any sales they negotiate.

The benefits of working with Sunbelt Texas for your business
brokerage needs

There are numerous reasons why business owners and investors in Texas should consider working with Sunbelt Texas Business Sales & Acquisitions. For one thing, Sunbelt is the largest business brokerage firm in the entire world.

Sunbelt offers over 150 different offices total in which over 1,000 business brokerage professionals are at work to facilitate business transactions. Sunbelt offices are not just located throughout the United States, but around the world as well.

Sunbelt’s Texas offices are located in the cities of Austin, San Antonio, and Houston. We put our vast resources and experience to work for you, helping to ensure smooth and convenient transactions for both buyers and sellers operating in every industry.

Sunbelt has already acquired extensive experience working with Texas businesses. In fact, Sunbelt has already handled more than 600 Houston area business sales and thousands of business sales throughout the state of Texas. After all these Texas sales, Sunbelt professionals understand the unique characteristics of the Texas market. We are also in tune with the industries that are most popular in Texas. Another reason why it’s good to work with Sunbelt if you’re looking for a business brokerage is that Sunbelt is connected to a lot of financing possibilities. This helps to assist buyers to make a successful purchase even if they don’t have all the funds available upfront.

How selling a business works

Business owners interested in selling their company should research the business selling process carefully before they get started. We can help.

Business owners put a lot of work into building up their businesses through the years. Therefore, they need to make sure they receive a fair valuation of their business when it comes time to sell. For that reason, the first step in selling your business is to have a business valuation performed. A business broker will appraise a business by evaluating both its assets and its earning potential. Factors that go into business valuation include looking at the company’s employee base, vendor relationship, financial documents, and more.

Other tasks that need to be accomplished during the selling process in addition to the valuation include moving inventory, organizing finances, and settling any existing tax debt before the business is sold.

Of course, perhaps the biggest step is looking for an appropriate buyer. That can be the hardest part, but working with an experienced business brokerage makes it easier. We will advertise and screen responses, helping you find the right buyer with the financial means to purchase the company.

How buying a business works

An individual wanting to buy a business will need to determine what type of business is of interest. Purchasing a manufacturing operation is very different from purchasing a restaurant, for example. Prospective buyers need to evaluate their experience and determine what type of business they’ll have the greatest success with.

Some of the steps to buying a business include meeting with the seller to learn about the company, researching the industry to determine profitability, and reviewing financial statements.

Once the prospective buyer determines the approximate value, an offer can be made to the seller to purchase the business. If the offer is accepted by the seller, the deal can be closed on.

Although these brief descriptions of the process of buying or selling a business might make it seem easy, it’s only easy if you have someone on your team with business brokerage experience. Let us be that experienced team member. Contact us today with any questions you have about buying or selling a business, and we’ll help you through the process.