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Buying a Business:  What The Buyer Gets

The vast majority of business purchases are defined as “asset” purchases. On some occasions a buyer will actually buy the stock of the corporation. For our purposes here we will outline an Asset Purchase transaction. (For discussion purposes only. This is NOT legal or...

A Prepared Business Owner’s 9 Step Strategy to Sell a Business

As every entrepreneur knows, selling a business is a big event, a milestone toward the next phase of life.  The majority of business sales are triggered by unexpected events in the owner’s lives. If you’re not prepared to sell, it is more likely that your transaction...

7 Business Evaluations and Appraisals to Determine Business Value

There are many circumstances where a formal Business Valuation is required. Business valuations are geographically influenced. A Business Valuation in Houston Texas might create a different value than a similar business in New York. Business Valuations are also known...