Should I find a job or I buy a job? Eight important questions.

Many people get fed up with working for someone else and consider starting a small business or buying a small business. If you are considering being your own boss please give consideration to the following questions. Can you ask yourself these questions and answer them honestly? I’m serious, can you answer them honestly?
1. Are you really as smart as you think you are?
2. Are you willing to work harder for yourself than you do for someone else?
3. Can you live with a high risk/high reward life?
4. Can you make good decisions with limited information?
5. When you’re wrong can you admit it, correct it and move on?
6. Can you resist the urge to spend like a fool in good times so you’ll have reserves for the bad times?
7. If the toilet needs to be cleaned will you do it?
8. Which would you rather have, a big image or a big bank account?

If you answered yes to at least 7 you have a chance to succeed. Now go back and take the test again. Remember be honest with yourself, it could make you wealthy or it could make you broke.