‘Tis the season for presents…..want to give yourself one?

This post is for all the hard working business owners and those who one day hope to become business owners.

Far too many business owners live in a constant state of stress. Their reasoning is “it’s a good stress”. I’m no doctor but I doubt that stress 24/7 is really good for your health.

What do small business owners worry about most? Here’s my list based on discussions with thousands of business owners:
  •  Cash flow – too many bills at the wrong time.
  •  Employees – too many need baby sitters, not bosses!
  • Customers – Is perfection a reasonable expectation?
  •  Family – Why doesn’t my family appreciate me working 7 days a week? After all, I’m doing it for them.

Ok, here goes. You knew it was going this way didn’t you. The Uncle Joe talk…..you know, the uncle who told you exactly what he thought about your hair brained thinking when you were 12 years old. Well, I’m your Uncle Joe.

Here’s my recommendation for your New Year’s resolutions for 2011.
  1. Stop feeling sorry for yourself.
  2. Stop using your business as an excuse for not doing the family things that you just don’t want to do. Helping your family hate your business is not a good plan.
  3.  Start thinking about your cash flow problems before you have them instead of waiting until you have them.
  4.  Give your employees written and detailed systems so they know what you expect and how to do it. Believe me, they’d rather not listen to your rants any more than you claim you don’t want to give your rants.
  5. Only promise your customers what you KNOW you can deliver… then do it. Most unhappy customers are created by you. Did you tell the customer what to expect? Did you deliver? Did your employees deliver (see #4 above)?

There’s your simple 5 step program to giving yourself a Christmas present that will benefit you, your family, your employees and your customers.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!