Career Orientation – Houston

Career Orientation – Houston


Is a career in Business Sales right for you?

Orientation Workshop

Dates to Be Determined

Sunbelt Business Sales and Acquisitions
3648 FM 1960 West, Suite 105
Houston, Texas  77068

Orientation (3 hours)

  • Welcome
  • Overview of Sunbelt Texas
  • Overview of small and mid-size Businesses 
  • The market for business sales
  • Characteristics of a successful professional
  • Training
  • If you are successful, what could you expect
  • Why a career with Sunbelt Texas?

Complete Process

  • Step 1: Orientation
  • Step 2: Interview – if offered & accepted
  • Step 3: Training – 5 days
  • Step 4: 90 Day Success Plan
  • Step 5: Career Success

Register For The Orientation Session

NOTE: Attendance is limited and we may not be able to accommodate all reservation requests.
You will be notified via e-mail.


A career in business sales and acquisitions is very rewarding, both financially and emotionally, for those who are good at it.  There are some drawbacks, however.

This career does not have a steady salary or a “draw” against fees.  It is very common for people entering this profession to go several months before earning any significant fees.  If going without significant income for 3-5 months is not possible for you, then reconsidering this career might be appropriate.

Having said this, if you are good at this profession, the financial rewards are very attractive.