Are you a business owner that wants to grow? Part 1

This is Part 1 of what will be several posts about growing your business. I’ll cover some free ways to grow and I’ll also talk about growth opportunities that aren’t free.

I meet many business owners who want to grow but very few know how to grow.  Let’s look some common ways to grow your business.

Low cost/no cost growth.

Train your people better so they get the most sales out of every customer encounter. 

        Example – How many times would you have ordered dessert in a restaurant if someone would just ask? At a restaurant that is missing opportunity, the server sees that I am finished with my dinner and the server walks up and asks “Would you like anything else?” My response, “No thanks.”

At a different restaurant, the server sees I’ve completed my meal and asks “how would you like a slice of blueberry pie or a hot fudge sundae?”  I don’t know about you but for me it’s a lot easier to say no to the first server than the second one.

What’s it mean to the business owner? If a dessert costs $5 and the restaurant serves 100 people per night, getting just 4 more people out of 100 people per night to order dessert means $7,300 per year in additional sales and the cost on that sale is the lowest you can have. All the help is already paid, rent doesn’t go up, light bill is the same, etc. So the owner of that business could make $7,300 more per year because his servers just asked the same question a different way. That’s as close to free money as a business owner can get.

Every business has these kinds of opportunities regardless of the industry. Take a close, a very close, look at your business and you will find opportunities to increase sales to your existing customers. Often the secret to good selling is knowing how to ask good questions. Are your people asking the good questions?