Why are sytems for your small business so valuable?

Documented business system are far more important than most small business owners believe. I believe that the reason too many small businesses stay small is because they don’t have systems.

When I meet with small business owners and this topic comes up the conversation inevitably sounds like this:

Me, “Do you have your systems documented in writing?”
Business owner, “no, I’m here everyday so I can just tell the people what to do.”
Me, “what if you weren’t here everyday?”
Business owner……. blank stare….

Documented systems are the key to growth. If your business does not have documented systems you can not grow at any meaningful rate for very long and your costs will be needlessly higher. Documented systems cuts down on training and turnover of personnel, both of these lead to higher profits.

If you want to really improve your business and your day-to-day work life….. start today and write out one system.  Choose one that’s easy and that you can immediately review with your employees (after you’ve written the system check with your employees so they can tell you how it is actually being done vs. how you think it’s currently being done).

Writing out systems seems like hard work, and it is…but not nearly as hard as having to make every decision, every day for your entire business.

For some books that might help you get started click here.

Get those systems in place, I promise your business will be better for it.