San Antonio TX

San Antonio TX

Working With a Reputable Business Brokerage in San Antonio

What Is a Certified Business Broker?

Every state has its own requirements for performing in a certain industry. Texas does not require a “business broker license,” but anyone who wants to charge a fee or commission for the sale or transfer of property in the state needs a license as a real estate salesperson or broker. An individual can become a certified broker by joining the Texas Association of Business Brokers (TABB), which provides mentoring.

In order to be a Board Certified Broker (BCB), you need to complete several basic courses about business brokerage activity  and pass an association exam. You must also gain a credible amount of experience in a hands-on professional brokerage setting. Additionally, you will need to understand and follow the TABB Code of Ethics and meet annual re-certification deadlines.

Why Choose Sunbelt Texas and What are the Benefits?

As the world’s largest business brokerage, Sunbelt Texas has a solid reputation, employing over 1,000 brokers throughout Texas and the world. We have offices in Houston, Austin and San Antonio to help individuals or companies buy or sell businesses in Texas. Here are some of the primary benefits of working with Sunbelt Texas experts:

● get a business listing
● list franchises for sale
● access to certified financial professionals
● full-time office staff to help you
● experience from selling thousands of Texas businesses
● knowledge of state, national and global economics
● deep financial resources with over 30 years experience

What Is the Process of Selling a Business?

To sell a business requires taking many careful steps. You need to protect your interests, such as the development of strong relationships and quality assets. Turning to a professional business broker will help make the process go more smoothly with potentially less risk and more reward. By putting your trust in the proven experience of Sunbelt, you will make your first definitive step as a business owner in putting up your business for sale.

We will then assess the valuation of your firm to prepare you for the potential price range to consider. This appraisal is based on multiple variables such as profitability, supply chain, staff and financial history. It’s important to understand that a buyer will do his or her own research to compare numbers.

After you’ve decided to sell your business, our representatives will provide directions on the transfer of assets and offer assistance on tax issues. Our services will then connect you with prospects without disclosing your private information. We will also assist you in closing the deal in your favor. Selling a business allows you to gain liquidity so that you can finance other projects or pay off debts.

What Is the Process of Buying a Business?

Our goal is to bring buyers and sellers of businesses together, through listings and relationships. Buying a business requires putting time and effort into studying the due diligence of the seller. We understand that buying a company is a huge investment and responsibility, so we focus on connecting buyers with appropriate sellers. Understanding and even anticipating our clients’ needs has helped us build our reputation as a business brokerage you can trust.

The total buying and selling process takes at least up to 10 weeks, but the best deals come to those who are patient. The buying process begins by meeting with the seller to learn basic information about the company over the period of a few weeks. You should also spend another week studying the industry. Then you might spend another week negotiating an initial offer based on financial data provided by the seller.

The next step is the full diligence phase that involves analyzing tax returns, financial reports and other critical data. This phase will take about a month, as it encompasses meeting with an SBA loan officer to review your business plan. You will also need proper licensing and financing. The final negotiation stage takes a few weeks before signing an agreement.

Whether you’re buying or selling a business, Sunbelt Texas can make sure it goes as smoothly and successfully for you as possible. Contact us today to learn more or to start the process.