Using a 401k to Buy a Business

Your 401(k) Could be the Tool to Allow You to Own Your Own Business

  • Did you know you can use your 401k, IRA and some other retirement funds to buy a business without paying the taxes and penalties for early withdrawal?
  • Maybe it’s time to invest in your business skills.

Your 401K can put you in control of your future. NO more airplanes, no more, layoffs, no more downsizing. After all, you planned well – you did the right thing, you saved for your future. Your future is now!

Instead of investing YOUR money in mutual funds or stocks of a business where you have no management control, you can invest your savings in YOUR business. Buy a business and truly grow your equity.

After you buy your business and grow it… your business becomes your retirement fund. You can sell your business the same way you bought it but, with good management, for a lot more.

We sell businesses every day that fund very comfortable retirements for their owners. The program was created by a CPA firm specifically to help people like you invest in themselves and own their own business.Gaining access to your money in a tax-advantaged manner along with an SBA Loan can allow you to buy a business or buy a franchise and create real value for you and your family.

Please complete the form below and you will be emailed information from a Certified Public Accounting firm about the 401k and IRA conversion for the purpose of buying a business!!

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