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Running a small biz is tough, but good and free advice is available!

Excellent info about employment practices for small businesses. The very best medicine is preventive medicine! Take a look at this blog article by Attorney Alan Bush about overtime perils and pitfalls. Click Here

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Another example of why Buy Sell Agreements are so important

This may be an extreme example but the fundamentals are in many business problems we see on a regular basis. Just because your business partner is your spouse it doesn’t mean business judgement should be suspended. Read about the Los Angeles Dodgers bankruptcy soap opera here.

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What Does Patricia Kluge Bankruptcy teach us about business ownership?

A messy business failure can always be learned from. The Patricia Kluge bankruptcy has lessons for small business owners with partners, both known partners and unknown partners. I once heard a wise man say, “Pick your business partners twice as carefully as you pick a spouse..because a spouse can only take half of what you […]

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Where can I find information about buying a business in a specific industry?

As we all know the web has a lot of information but often it is hard to sort through the mass to get to the finer topics. Every Friday, on internet radio, there is a 1 hour broadcast that deals with buying a business in a specific industry. This week’s show (1pm cst, noon eastern) […]

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M&A Due Diligence from Seller Perspective

Here’s an article that shows how M&A Due Diligence preparation can dramatically improve a seller’s position.

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Uh Oh… 13 million people have a surprise tax bill coming…..

Here’s an article about confusion and mis-calculation for another overly complicated Federal Tax process of the governments re-distribution of income. Might want to keep this article to show to your employees when they blame you, the employer, for the problem!  CLICK HERE

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New Tax Law is ready to go but…………………..

The new tax law extending current tax rates and spending a couple of hundred $$Billion$$ more is headed for the president’s desk.However, FYI – the bill does not rescind the obligation for businesses issuing 1099s that was passed in the Obama care bill. Soooo…………. unless something changes look for small businesses being burdened with many […]

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Small business owners and risks related to employees work claims

This morning at a meeting I was talking to an employment attorney I know and the topic got around to small business employment practices and the risks that small business owners might not realize they are taking. Among many items we discussed 3 stood out. Many small business owners we meet with are unaware of […]

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New 1099 Rules effect on Small Business

    This post provided by Paul Ikard, CPA March 17, 2012  – Some of the below rules may have been modified, check with your CPA before taking any action. Businesses and not-for-profit organizations are accustomed to IRS rules that require them to report certain payments on annual Form 1099 information returns. However, the recently enacted healthcare law […]

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What is an “S” Corporation?

An S Corporation is a form of business classified for federal income tax purposes as a corporation that has elected to be taxed as a pass-through entity, in a manner similar to a partnership or sole proprietor.  Unlike a regular corporation, or a C corporation, an S corporation (both names derive from sections of the […]

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