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Business Owners…Save Your Life…Now!

This post is a bit in left field for me but I ran across this study that is compelling and struck a nerve with me. Business owners often have way too much stress in their lives and the demands of the business can cause them to ignore their personal health while they slave away at […]

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Hmmm…Bad news for road-side businesses?…The tax man wants your customers too!

At least someone in government thinks having government employees running gas stations and C-Stores is a good idea….. I have my doubts.. Here’s a story on a politician trying to reverse a 50 year old law that prohibits the government from setting up retail businesses on the interstate highway system. Read Here..

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Another example of why Buy Sell Agreements are so important

This may be an extreme example but the fundamentals are in many business problems we see on a regular basis. Just because your business partner is your spouse it doesn’t mean business judgement should be suspended. Read about the Los Angeles Dodgers bankruptcy soap opera here.

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Why are Entrepreneurs Better for the Economy than Bureaucrats?

Entrepreneurs, “My business will lose a trillion dollars this year if I don’t do something. I’m cutting back on everything right now!” Congressman, “We’ll have a trillion dollar budget deficit this year…we need committee meetings for the next 8 months.” I rest my case.

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Time to Look at Smart Growth for Your Small Business?

Business owners often get caught in the squeeze between seeing opportunity to grow but not having the resources to hire people or get more space. Managing a small business needs to be a creative process. If you find yourself in this position (and if not now you certainly will if you grow) spend a few minutes […]

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What is Working Capital and why is it Important?

Many small business owners don’t understand or appreciate the need to have a good handle on working capital and how it is generated or consumed by the business. Let’s take 2 examples on opposite ends of the business spectrum. First a Day Spa. At a day spa the customer comes in, pays for the services […]

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The hard work of un-fooling yourself………..

As I’ve written before, during the 1st quarter of the new year I find myself trying to take extra time to plan and evaluate. Some of this is an natural reaction to reviewing the financials in preparation for filling taxes. Some of it is just my reaction to something I’ve heard or read somewhere. During […]

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What is CRM and does my small business need it?

Hard as it is to imagine, there was a time not terribly long ago when a sales or service person for a small business would go out into the field without a PDA or Smart Phone—or any phone at all. The reason for the current ubiquity of the communication devices in small business is obvious: […]

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Want to Know How a Business Appraiser Looks at Small Business Value?

Factors that Increase or Decrease Business Value By: George D. Abraham CEO & Chief Appraiser Business Evaluation Systems There’s a range of key factors that can affect the value of a business.  While some of these factors are outside of the owner’s control, steps can be taken to make the business as valuable as possible. Start planning […]

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It’s a new year, winter is raging and opportunities await….

This time of year I like to take several days away from my day-to-day business, hide out somewhere cold but with a good fireplace and sort through the current opportunities and challenges of my business. I make it a point to seriously limit email and phones so I can think more clearly without the usual […]

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