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If you ever thought you can turn your hobby into a business…….

Many people we encounter think that starting a business based on a hobby is a good idea…it rarely is. Maybe they’ve read too many “Do what you love” seminar headlines. The reality is, it’s either a business or a hobby and never both. This recent article in the Wall Street Journal gives you a look […]

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Options for Small Business Accounting

Over the years I have tried a variety of small business accounting solutions.  A huge leap forward for small businesses is the cloud based small business accounting software. Based on my experience a small business’ best option is a “cloud” based solution. A cloud based small business accounting package has some significant advantages and a […]

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Small Business Management and Help

Every couple of years I re-read this book and every time I’m glad I did. I bet I’ve read it at least 7 times. This year I’m buying a bunch to give out to business owners that seems especially receptive to the idea of creating a great business. On a side note the Kindle price for […]

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30 Second Biz Lesson – Bad Debts!

You better get paid for what you sell or you’re going to be doing a lot of catching up. For other Business information form interesting people visit TheHub click here.

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Small Business Accounting Cash vs Accrual Made Easy

Small business accounting – Cash vs Accrual – Does it matter? Yes it Does. It is not uncommon for us to receive financial information from business owners where for instance the tax returns are done on a cash basis and the financials are done on accrual basis. Often they are technically both correct but just […]

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The best business planning tool?

If you plan to be in business you’d better have a Business Plan. If you plan to start a small business this tool can be the difference between success and losing everything. If you think this Business Plan tool is expensive wait til you see how expensive it is to NOT have a well thought […]

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