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Business Systems Create Profits and Value

We meet many business owners who are overwhelmed by the day to day fire drill they call a business and the thought of creating systems for their business is overwhelming to them. I always give the same advice:  Start Small but START NOW! You have to START…. 1 system no matter how small is better […]

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Business Partnerships – The good, the bad and the ugly…

In my line of work we run into business partnerships every day and we are often the ones trying to figure out how to resolve the myriad issues, problems and crisis that revolve around the small business partnership dynamics. A wise person once said famously, “Choose your business partner twice as carefully as you choose […]

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Business Owners and the Personal Guarantee

Often when people go into business or start a small business they really don’t think through the details of what they are doing day-to-day as it relates to the long term health of the business or their personal financial health. A classic example is the Personal Guarantee. When you go into business you will need […]

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Small Business Management and Help

Every couple of years I re-read this book and every time I’m glad I did. I bet I’ve read it at least 7 times. This year I’m buying a bunch to give out to business owners that seems especially receptive to the idea of creating a great business. On a side note the Kindle price for […]

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Build Your Small Business Brand without a Big Advertising Budget

Here’s a good article on low cost strategies that are highly effective.

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Interesting Article on getting farmers help

Some creative Entrepreneurs are on the case  CLICK HERE

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Big Ideas for your business? A lesson from Burger King’s new big idea…..

Is your new big idea simply an attempt to escape your poor execution of your last big idea? I often see business owners trying to do too many things and they don’t do any particularly well. Today I read a news report that burger king is experimenting with home delivery. My first reaction was…what a […]

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Interesting Article on Small Business…….. Cold Hard Facts

Why do businesses fail? How many businesses are there? Where do businesses succeed? Click here for the article.

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Good article on getting work done – 7 steps to Better Personal Productivity

These ideas for getting more done make a lot of sense to me, I think I’ll keep them handy so I can stay on track for the big projects. I’ve done #3 successfully and I’ve victimized myself on #6. Read the article here. When I first got into the workforce I had a boss tell me, […]

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Another example of why Buy Sell Agreements are so important

This may be an extreme example but the fundamentals are in many business problems we see on a regular basis. Just because your business partner is your spouse it doesn’t mean business judgement should be suspended. Read about the Los Angeles Dodgers bankruptcy soap opera here.

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