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Why would someone sell me their perfectly good business?

Often small business buyers wonder about this. There is an all too frequent buyer attitude that says “If it is a good business they wouldn’t be willing to sell it to me!”Here are some reasons we see business owner want to sell: Divorce of husband and wife owners Partnership disputes Owner health issues Kids don’t […]

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A New Year’s resolution list for small business owners……

In the spirit of the holidays I’ve decided to give small business owners a ready made, no assembly required, New Year’s resolution list. It’s only 5 items and it’s designed for every business owner. Here’s your list………… yes that means you! Smile more – business life is never as bad as it seems when things […]

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Holiday Reading Ideas for a Better Business

My New Year’s resolution (well, one of them anyway!) is to provide more tools for small business owners to start or buy a business, then grow it profitably and sell it! As part of that I am kicking off the New Year with a specific book recommendation. Although I can’t say I agree with everything […]

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‘Tis the season for presents…..want to give yourself one?

This post is for all the hard working business owners and those who one day hope to become business owners. Far too many business owners live in a constant state of stress. Their reasoning is “it’s a good stress”. I’m no doctor but I doubt that stress 24/7 is really good for your health. What do […]

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New Tax Law is ready to go but…………………..

The new tax law extending current tax rates and spending a couple of hundred $$Billion$$ more is headed for the president’s desk.However, FYI – the bill does not rescind the obligation for businesses issuing 1099s that was passed in the Obama care bill. Soooo…………. unless something changes look for small businesses being burdened with many […]

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Are you a business owner that wants to grow? Part 1

This is Part 1 of what will be several posts about growing your business. I’ll cover some free ways to grow and I’ll also talk about growth opportunities that aren’t free. I meet many business owners who want to grow but very few know how to grow.  Let’s look some common ways to grow your […]

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Small business owners and risks related to employees work claims

This morning at a meeting I was talking to an employment attorney I know and the topic got around to small business employment practices and the risks that small business owners might not realize they are taking. Among many items we discussed 3 stood out. Many small business owners we meet with are unaware of […]

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Small Business Taxes..the Whole Enchilada for Year-End Planning

 Guest Post by Carol Olson, CPA  – DRDA, LLC Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 The Small Business Jobs Act of 2010 includes a number of important tax provisions for businesses large and small. While a few of the provisions take effect in 2011, the majority of the provisions are effective retroactively for the 2010 […]

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When is 95% less than 20%? When the 95% is wrong!

In my day to day activities I meet with 250 – 350 small business owners a year who are considering selling a business for one reason or another. In discussing their business the topic of customer service is brought up by me. The reason it is discussed is because significant value is added to a […]

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The Bush tax cuts debate and the real small business story

It’s hard to avoid the politicians ranting either for or against the extension of the Bush tax cuts. Like many issues in life, for every complex problem there is a simple solution that is absolutely wrong. Those opposed to the extension often try to separate the issue of “who” gets the extension. The theory is […]

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