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Holiday Reading Ideas for a Better Business

My New Year’s resolution (well, one of them anyway!) is to provide more tools for small business owners to start or buy a business, then grow it profitably and sell it! As part of that I am kicking off the New Year with a specific book recommendation. Although I can’t say I agree with everything […]

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‘Tis the season for presents…..want to give yourself one?

This post is for all the hard working business owners and those who one day hope to become business owners. Far too many business owners live in a constant state of stress. Their reasoning is “it’s a good stress”. I’m no doctor but I doubt that stress 24/7 is really good for your health. What do […]

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Are you a business owner that wants to grow? Part 1

This is Part 1 of what will be several posts about growing your business. I’ll cover some free ways to grow and I’ll also talk about growth opportunities that aren’t free. I meet many business owners who want to grow but very few know how to grow.  Let’s look some common ways to grow your […]

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Small business owners and risks related to employees work claims

This morning at a meeting I was talking to an employment attorney I know and the topic got around to small business employment practices and the risks that small business owners might not realize they are taking. Among many items we discussed 3 stood out. Many small business owners we meet with are unaware of […]

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Interesting Small Business Tax Information

Time to start [preparing for 2010 and 2011 tax issues…the IRS never sleeps! Here are a few small business tax items that may apply to you. Talk to your CPA about them. Deduction for Start up Expenses Increased.  For 2010 only, the amount of start-up expenditures deductible in the current year increased to $10,000.  Any […]

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Need an SBA Loan? Here’s a list of SBDC locations

Here’s how to find the Small Business Administration’s Small Business Development Centers nearest you. Contact one of these offices to see if your business qualifies for an SBA Loan If you want to buy a business go to Sunbelt Business Brokers to find an office near you. For articles about how to Buy a Business […]

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Is the small business owner world upside down?

This post falls under the category of “what the heck is going on”! The following is from a small business consultant who talks to small business owners several times a week and has done so for about 10 years. Their name is being with held for obvious reasons. They say, many of the following are […]

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What is an “S” Corporation?

An S Corporation is a form of business classified for federal income tax purposes as a corporation that has elected to be taxed as a pass-through entity, in a manner similar to a partnership or sole proprietor.  Unlike a regular corporation, or a C corporation, an S corporation (both names derive from sections of the […]

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Document My Systems?…..Which Systems?

Recently I wrote a post about how businesses should document their systems to improve their profits and value. I received some feedback that went something like this.. “Which systems, there are a million systems in my business!” Well, you’re correct. Even a small business has many different systems. How you answer the phone, how to […]

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Is 2010 the year you make your small business work for you?

If you own a small business, or considering starting or buying a small business, this article could give you a path to make your life as a small business owner more enjoyable. Let this be the year you finally change your relationship with your business. It will be difficult, you have habits and assumptions that […]

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