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Medical Supplies and Products Business For Sale, Houston, Texas

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This Medical Products Company in Houston Texas area specializes in the sale of medical devices, medical supplies and medical uniforms to professionals, nurses, doctors, dental assistants, technicians and consumers.

The business is more than 30 years old and is currently run semi-absentee.

The medical products are well positioned to serve the aging baby boom population. The business is located in a high density medical area with nearby hospitals, clinics and doctor facilities. The business occupies a leased space on a high traffic road with easy access for customers.

Approximately 20% of revenue is Business-To-Business with these sales going to hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. The B2B sales often include customization of the uniforms with names, degrees, specialties, etc. The balance of the revenues is attributable to retail traffic including medical professionals buying uniforms.

The business is financially successful but could see significant benefits in revenues and profits from on-site ownership that could devote attention to improving the marketing efforts which are currently minimal and primarily word of mouth. The business has virtually no web presence, no internet commerce activities and no social media activity.

In addition, the business has a significant opportunity in rental of medical equipment. Currently rental revenue represents about 1% of total company revenue.

The business location south of Houston Texas in the rapidly growing Clear Lake League City area is ideal to grow with the growing population, many of whom are retirees requiring increased medical care.

This medical business does not rely on insurance claims for payment.

If you want to buy a business in Houston Texas that can help people and serve their medical needs this may be the business for you.

Financing Your Business Purchase
A qualified buyer for this business would likely obtain an SBA Loan from a SBA participating lender. The terms of these loans recently have been approximately 20% purchase price as a down payment* and a loan for the balance of the price. The SBA loan has typically been for 10 years at a current interest rate near 6%. See an SBA lender for details and specifics. These terms are examples and may change without notice.

*Gaining access to your 401k funds to purchase a business without triggering income taxes or penalties for early withdrawal may be possible.

For More Information
For more information about how to buy this medical business please contact Sunbelt Business Brokers – Karyn Bryant at 281-440-5153 in Houston, Texas.

The sale of this business must be conducted in a confidential manner. Potential buyers must execute a Confidentiality Agreement and provide additional information before specific details of the business will be released.

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Medical and Healthcare

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