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So You have a Deal to Buy a Business, now what?

  Congratulations but don’t pop the champagne yet. Now is when the real work begins in your quest to buy a business. Essentially, there are 3 fundamental phases to orchestrate before your final takeover of the company. Keep in mind that each business or industry may have several variations of the progression. Here are some general […]

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IT Due Diligence when you Buy a Business

Intellectual Property Due Diligence (this includes information technology I.T.) when you buy a business is critical and often overlooked, along with the Intellectual Property element of Due Diligence. I.T. and Intellectual Property (IP) Due diligence are closely related and both are often done at the same time. This process can be very technical and often involves […]

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Buying a Business in Texas – Define Earnings and Profits First

When looking at buying a business in Texas and other parts of the U.S. there are many different terms used and the same term can be defined differently depending on who is using the term. In this post I’ll try to define some of the terms commonly used to represent the “earnings” or “profit” the […]

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Small Business Administration (SBA) Lending to Buy a Business

The Small Business Administration (SBA) continues to be the primary source of financing when buying a business in Texas. Technically speaking the Small Business Administration loan is not a loan but actually a guarantee to a bank who actually provides the loan. It’s commonly referred to as an SBA loan due to the standard regulations […]

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Best Basic Accounting Book for Small Business Owners and Buyers

I found this basic accounting guide and it’s the best I’ve seen at presenting basic small business accounting in an easy to follow manner. This book is under 100 pages and under $10…if you’re a small business owner this could be the best $10 you ever spent.   Accounting Made Simple – Understanding Accounting Principles […]

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What is the Value of a Small Business?

Buya business to secure your financial future. Small businesses have different values to different people. When you decide to try to purchase a small business you will likely find it helpful to have a reference point from an independent source. The following book could be helpful in guiding you and avoiding any mistakes. Click here […]

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Sunbelt Completes the Sale of a Specialized Property Management Company

We are pleased to announce this successful transaction. The business is a 30 year old company operated by the same 2 partners since it’s inception. Both partners were ready to retire. The sellers were referred to Sunbelt by Steve Drake a well known Houston, Texas financial planner and host of his own financial radio show call […]

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Outstanding B2B Digital Printing Business for Sale in Houston Texas

Well established business-to-business company that focuses on servicing other companies. Clients are strong companies who utilize this company’s outsource digital printing services. In business for nearly 20 years this business adapts to and leads the market in sophisticated, specialized niche printing and media services. Annual sales are nearly $1,000,000 SDE (profit available to owner) is […]

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Anatomy of a Successful Small Business Purchase

Although the names, location, types of businesses and other details have been changed for confidentiality purchases this Hub reflects real transactions in the world of buying and selling a business. The Buyer Susan, 45, had been employed in the corporate world for 15 years and had done well, worked hard and gotten good performance ratings. […]

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Buying a Business? Due Diligence is Important

Buying a business has many challenges not the least of which is the due diligence process prior to the closing of the purchase. Most small business owners run their business with no thought of selling it. Their record keeping and bookkeeping are done for their needs and there is little or no thought given to […]

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