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Can I Sell My Business Before Divorce?

If you are going through a divorce and own a business, you maybe asking yourself, "Can I Sell My Business Before Divorce?". The answer is yes. You can sell your business before your divorce.

While it's true that you have the freedom to sell your business before finalizing the divorce, there are important considerations to keep in mind. This blog post provides a quick guide to help you understand the implications and factors involved in selling your business before the divorce.

Ownership and Selling Rights

If your spouse lacks ownership rights in the business, you can sell it before the court officially finalizes the divorce. However, it's crucial to note that the court may still consider the business as marital property, requiring you to compensate your spouse for their fair share of its value.

Rules for Property Distribution

The rules governing property distribution vary depending on your jurisdiction. In most states, the equitable distribution rule applies, aiming to divide property fairly based on various factors. However, community property states divide marital property equally between spouses.

Business Valuation

A professional business appraiser must assess its value if your non-owner spouse is entitled to a portion of the business. They employ different approaches, such as income, market, and asset-based methods, to determine the overall worth of the business.

Business Valuation - Sell My Business Before Divorce

Potential Restraining Order

In certain cases, your spouse may seek a court order to prevent you from selling the business during the divorce proceedings. The court may grant this order if it believes that your spouse's rightful share of the business is at risk of depletion or harm.

Other Factors and Implications

Creative Solutions for Buyouts

In many cases, couples opt for a buyout arrangement, where one spouse retains the business and compensates the other for their fair share. Creative solutions like using retirement funds, downsizing, or setting up payment plans can facilitate the buyout process when liquid assets are limited.

Selling vs. Liquidating

Selling the business involves passing it on to a buyer, while liquidation involves formally closing the business. Deciding between selling and liquidating depends on factors such as the practicality of finding a buyer and individual retirement plans.

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Emotional Considerations

Making significant business decisions during divorce can be challenging due to heightened emotions. Waiting until emotions have settled can provide a clearer perspective and prevent hasty decisions that may lead to regrets.

Future Implications

Selling a business before divorce requires a thorough understanding of contractual restrictions, ownership rights, and potential implications for personal branding. Addressing these issues with the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney can help protect your interests.

Impact on Children

Consideration should be given to the potential impact on children if the business could have been an opportunity for them in the future. Selling the business may prevent them from taking over or continuing its operations.

Challenging to Sell

If your business operates in a niche market or finding a buyer is expected to be time-consuming, starting the selling process before a divorce can help streamline the transition. If a suitable offer presents itself, seizing the opportunity might be advantageous.

selling my business before divorce

Final Thoughts

Selling a business before divorce involves careful consideration of legal, financial, and emotional factors. Consulting with professionals, such as attorneys, accountants, business appraisers and business brokers, can provide valuable guidance throughout the process. Ultimately, finding the right path that aligns with your goals and priorities is crucial for a successful transition into a new chapter of your life.


Can I sell my business without my spouse's consent during divorce proceedings?

Both spouses' consent may be required to sell the business, depending on the laws of your jurisdiction and any existing court orders or agreements. Consult with a divorce attorney for guidance.

Will selling my business affect child support or custody arrangements?

Selling your business may impact child support or custody arrangements, as it can influence the determination of income and financial stability. Consult with a family law attorney to understand the potential effects.

Can I negotiate the terms of selling my business with my spouse during the divorce?

Yes, you can negotiate the terms of selling the business with your spouse during a divorce. It is advisable to seek the assistance of a mediator or collaborative divorce professional to facilitate productive discussions.

How can I ensure a fair valuation of my business during a divorce?

Engage the services of a qualified business appraiser who specializes in valuing businesses for divorce purposes. This will help ensure an unbiased and accurate valuation of your business.

Can a business broker assist with the valuation of my business?

Yes, business brokers can help with the valuation of your business by analyzing financial statements, market conditions, and other relevant factors. They can estimate your business's worth, which can be useful for negotiations and determining a fair division of assets during the divorce.

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