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Wall Street Journal Bestseller Our Client, Jay Steinfeld, Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year and the founder and CEO of (acquired by Home Depot), never planned to create the biggest online window blinds retailer in the world.

Against all odds to succeed, Steinfeld’s journey in business included failed acquisitions, partnerships gone wrong, perpetual self-doubt, deaths in his family, budget-limited guerilla marketing, corporate buy-outs, brutal market competition, and a complete disruption of industry leaders, including Amazon and big-box retailers. To build something meaningful like Steinfeld, you need to do more than dream about it. You need to Lead from the Core. Learn Steinfeld’s “Four Es”—a set of guiding principles that help overcome any obstacle to your organization’s success: Evolve Continuously, Experiment Without Fear of Failure, Express Yourself, and Enjoy the Ride.

In these pages, you’ll also learn specific, actionable tactics, including: • How to start a business with little money and experience • Ways to avoid the early failure that plagues many businesses • Strategies to scale beyond the startup phase • Exactly how to communicate with boards and investors • Proven lessons to attract potential acquirers of your company

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